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Hark How Creative Thinkers Spanning All Times & Climes Have Articulated This Concept …Since 2000 BCE To 2000 CE


Atman Self – Upanishads/Bodhicitta/Buddha-Nature – Buddhism/Noor-i-Ruhani/Ruh-i-Ilahi – Islam/Holy Spirit – Christianity/Noble Self – Zoroastrianism/‘No Mind’ – Zen/ Gentleman- Confucius.

Refers to: ‘Godly-Lawful Higher/Immortal/Eternal Self’ in man.

Represents: Constructive/Divine Forces of Light-Love-Life


‘Nafs – Islam/Aham – Indic/Ego – West/Beast-Self – Zoroastrianism/‘Mind-States’ – Zen. 

Refers to: ‘Godless-Lawless Lower/Mortal/Transient self’ in man

Represents: Destructive/Satanic Forces of Darkness-Violence-Death

Ego (– the  pathologically-afflicted, emotionally-dysfunctional. spiritually-immature, temperamentally-unrestrainable, behaviourally-unpredictable, conscience-dormant, integrity-lacking, illusory discriminations-making, divisions-generating, strife-creating, war-mongering, world-life-history disrupting, natural environment-devastating, self-destructing …godless-lawless artificial-impure mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self – the Trojan Horse within the unawakened ordinary man — who self-deludingly thinks himself to be an individuated, distinct and separate being/mind/self/ego as a doer-seer-knower-experiencer-owner that is divided and different from God, ‘the other’ and ‘the world-life’ …and uncontrollably, runs amok in the epistemological jungle of manifest forms) is the biggest(mortal) enemy of humanity. Rig Veda, c.1800 BCE
(In this godless-lawless mortal ego-conditioned, duality-bound realm of manifestation, immersed) In (illusory mind-states induced conditions of happiness and) misery (in pain) and in pleasure the whole world is stuck fast. All their (merit-earning or sin-accruing)doings (– constructive or destructive –) are directed by the assertions of (their pagan mortal) egotism. Guru Nanak, Founder Sikhism
I am bewildered and scared when I contemplate the coming into being of the dreadful enemy of wisdom (and self-liberation) know as(godless-lawless) egotism. It comes into being in the darkness of ignorance (/avidya), and flourishes in ignorance (that darkens the minds of unawakened ordinary men). It (– as the ungodly ego-self – the Trojan Horse within men –) generates endless sinful actions. All suffering (of sentient beings) surely revolves around egotism (it is the ‘I’ that suffers); and (this unrestrainable, troubles-causing)egotism is the sole cause of mental distress. I feel egotism is my worst (mortal) disease (…nay, of mankind itself). Spreading the net of (attachments-forming, samsara-trapping insatiable desires for the illusory this) worldly objects of pleasure (catering to the lower senses), it is this (disobedient, ungodly) egotism (and its maya-bewitched, illusory mind-states conjured conditions of enslavement in clinging to transient ‘this worldly’ desires, relationships and objects of senses) that traps (all outward-bound, senses-deluded, unawakened ordinary) living beings (in their own hell).
Indeed, all the terrible calamities in the world 
(– natural and man-made –) are born of egotism. (The raging symptoms of) Egotism (– its propensity for ignorance, violence, anger, greed, vice, disorder)eclipses self-control, destroys virtue and dissipates equanimity. Giving up the (godless-lawless mortal) egotistic notion that ‘I am Rama’ and giving up all (pagan ego-conditioned, ignorance-born, ‘this worldly’ transient) desires, I wish to rest in the (original-innate unborn-undying Atman) Self (…at-one-with the Godhead that abides semi-dormant within me). I realize that whatever I have done with an egoistic notion (– mind-state of being a thinker, seer, knower, doer, experiencer, owner –) is vain (– all life is naught else but vanity) –(my original-inborn immortal Atman Self-realized state of) non-egotism alone is truth. When I am under the influence of (godless-lawless mortal) egotism (-conjured mental states-of-becoming), I am unhappy; when I am (in my godly-lawful immortal Atman Self- realized/‘No Mind’ State-of-Being –) free of egotism I am happy. Egotism promotes (mortality-bound, samsara-entrapping desires and) cravings; without it (to fuel them) they (starve and) perish. It is the (uncontrollable, unpredictable, irrationality of godless-lawless pagan) egotism alone, without rhyme or reason (as a mere whim)that has spread the (insidious soul-entrapping) net of (‘this worldly’ bonds of desires, ambitions,) family and social (quid pro quo)relationships (as also lures of status, position. possessions, popularity)to snare the unwary (unawakened ordinary) soul (in a perpetual net of misery).
Lord Rama’s Lament, Yoga Vasishta
Human reality stands between the higher (– the godly eternal Noor-i-Ruhani/Atman Self/ Bodhicitta/Holy Spirit) and the lower (– the ungodly mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self) in man, between the world of the animal and the world of Divinity. When the (lower ego-conditioned) animal proclivity in man becomes predominant, he sinks even lower than the brute. When the (Higher Self-endowed) heavenly powers are triumphant in his nature, he becomes the noblest and most superior being. (But because of his predominant lower mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self reigning –) In him there is antagonism, hatred and (Darwinian-type) selfish struggle for existence (that pollutes the personal and collective world atmosphere); in his (pagan ego-dominated) nature lurk jealousy, revenge ferocity, cunning, hypocrisy, lust, greed, injustice and tyranny. Therefore man (– as he currently is — under the tyranny of his lower nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self-dominated unawakened state –) is imperfect (…and thereof it naturally follows as a corollary that we have a world condition of strife and chaos as we see around us today). Baha’i Perspective
…But there is another definition of ego, and the ego in that definition has (a godless-lawless, immoral, vain and uncontrollable)self-nature. The human face of the (pathologically dysfunctional) ego is (self-enslaving) pride; is (self-deluding) arrogant self-importance; is (self-destructing hedonist-) narcissistic self-infatuation; is the(fragile and insecure ego-conjured, sense of inferiority-driven) need to see oneself as being separate (and superior to ‘others’) at all times, in all places, through all circumstances – and that (godless- lawless)ego is the unrelenting (life-sworn mortal) enemy of all that is truly wholesome (– progressive, soul-uplifting and world-life benefiting –)in the human experience. When this (lawless and deceitful artificial-pretender – the false) ego is unmasked, seen directly for what it is(really and truly in its savage, opportunistic, selfish-nakedness),finally unobscured by the other (mask of pretence, obfuscation and gratuitous sugar-coated) expressions of the (deceptive, manipulating, ego-conditioned) personality, (it stands revealed fangs and claws drawn and) one finds oneself literally face-to-face with a demon(design-engineered to spread the unwholesome seeds of division-and-dissent, chaos-and-destruction in God’s wholesome Creation) – a demon that thrives on (the godless-lawless ego-conditioned, impure mind-states conjured attachments to desires, lust, greed, gluttony, ambition,) power, domination, control and separation (on the discriminatory basis pf caste, class, colour, nationalities, cultures, faiths in the divide-and-rule mode that causes dissent and strife), that(is stone-hearted, static-minded and self-centred –) cares only about itself (– its own security, comfort, convenience and ambitions) and is(remorselessly) willing to (ruthlessly) destroy (without any qualms whatsoever) anything and everything that is good and true (and beautiful which stands in its way) in (its unholy quest to dominate and manage its surroundings in) order to survive intact and always in control (of its human slumbering-slave host/subject). This (godless-atavistic, transient ego-dominated, illusory-discriminatory mind-states conjuring) demon lacks any capacity for (the higher, nobler, all-inclusive humane feelings of altruism,) empathy, compassion, generosity or (agape) love (as emanates from the Atman/Higher Self-aware individual); delights in its (godless-lawless mortal ego-conditioned, impure-discriminatory mind-states conjured illusory sense of distinction, division, separation and superiority over ‘the other’ and its delusional sense of) perfect invulnerability; and, worst of all, will never accept (the irrefutable, in-your-face truth-reality of)that which is sacred (and soul-liberating — preferring instead to cling to the corrupt, low, base, mean option in everything) Andrew Cohen, The Speaking Tree (Nov 13, 2011)
The (godless-lawless ego-promoted) greed of gain (-name-fame — which is the central driving-force of all outward-focused, illusions-immersed, narcissism-hedonism driven, attachments-bound, impure mind-states conjuring unawakened beings –) has no time or limit to its (self-destructive, covetous) capriciousness. It’s one (self-centric, profit-directed demonic) object is to (ensure the mindless commoditisation, exploitation and exhaustion of Earth’s Natural Resources in order to) produce and consume (– the narcissist-hedonist promoted mantra of ‘conspicuous consumption’ as the be-all and end-all of life). It has pity neither for beautiful nature (which nourishes, supports and promotes the wellness of all life on Earth)nor for living (fellow) human beings (whom it callously exploits). It is ruthlessly ready without a moment’s hesitation (or tinge of qualm)to (selfishly and counterproductively) crush beauty and life out of them, moulding them into money (…such that very soon – at the end of the day – we will have Godowns-full of money …but no Nature-provided food left to eat). Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize for Literature
You have to understand that many (unthinking, godless ego-dominated, illusions-immersed, Establishment/System/Authority/ State-enslaved, herd-minded ordinary) people are not ready to be(mentally-) unplugged (and freed from the comforting bondage of their godless-lawless ego-dominated, delusions-conjuring state of pseudo-security insidiously imposed on them by the strangle-hold of the power-hungry, all-controlling and exploiting Authority/Establishment/System/State), and many of them are so(mentally numbed and) inured, so hopelessly (addicted and)dependent on the (decadent Authority/ Establishment/State-engineered, organized and installed mind-enslaving) system that they will (mindlessly, relentlessly, and ruthlessly) fight to protect it (…totally brainwashed into being Zombies …unaware of the Authority/Orthodoxy/ Establishment/Ruling Elite-designed Matrix and its self-enslaving,  freedom-quashing, soul-stifling stranglehold on them). Morpheus to Neo in H-wood Movie ‘The Matrix’
(Godless ego-dominated, vested interests-driven, power-intoxicated)People who have been holding power since ages have always been able to (insidiously deceive and) persuade everyone that whatever is being done, is being done (solely) for their sake (and benefit). And(the gullible, ego-numbed, unawakened ordinary) people believe it because they have been (programmed, indoctrinated and) trained to believe (any and every dogma they are spoon-fed by the Establishment/Authority/State/System). Osho
Most (godless ego-dominated, outward-focused, illusions-immersed, herd-minded ordinary) people are caught in the net of Maya and delusion; but they (immersed in their state of ignorance and single-minded pursuit of hedonist-narcissist pleasures, comforts, ambitions and personal safety) are oblivious of the (soul-scorching) dangers in(living such a vain, hedonistic, outer-activity-pursuing, outward-security-seeking illusory) life. They, the (self-deluded kartis-) bhogis(who erroneously see themselves as thinkers-seers-knowers-doers-willers-experiencers-enjoyers-owners of their thoughts and deeds), are quite content in the bondage of worldly life (– for never having quaffed the elixir of freedom …they are elated with ditch-water). Jaya Row
He who is conceived in a (pagan ego-conditioned) cage yearns for the cage.   Y Yevtushenko
The (ungodly-disobedient, problems-creating, mischief-making, godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/) ego (dominant within man) is nourished on troubles (– the nutrient on which it thrives and flourishes), if it cannot create trouble, it will starve to death. So if you(as a Higher Self-aware man) understand that trouble is a pain in the neck, and you are tired of it …you will just drop it (instantly! like a hot potato …by exercising your sacred powers of self-control and awakening to your semi-dormant, godly-obedient, original-inborn imperishable Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit …in-tune-with the Divine). Osho
There is only one cause of unhappiness (in your life): the (godless ego-conditioned, Establishment-Herd Axis-imposed raft of deeply-entrenched) false beliefs you have in your head, (deeply-ingrained, erroneous) beliefs so widespread, so commonly held (by the ego-dominated, self-deluded ordinary man), that it never occurs to you(even for a moment, to independently and freely think about, doubt and) to question them (…but if you are to kick-start your spiritual growth …question them you must). Anthony De Mello
The great corrupter of (the unawakened, ordinary) public man is (his troubles-making, self-destructing, world-life-history disrupting, uncontrollable godless-lawless) ego. Dean Acheson, U. S. Statesman
Diseases of the (godless ego-infected) soul are more dangerous(to the self and the world) and more numerous than those of the body. Cicero
As soon as laws are necessary for men (because of their godless-lawless ego-instigated lack of self-regulation/control/discipline), they are no longer fit for freedom. Pythagoras, Greek Mathematician-Philosopher
(The godless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-aroused, impure-discriminating mind-states conjured sense of an individuated mind/being/) Self (as a thinker-seer-doer-knower, divided and separate from ‘the other’) is (a false, artificial construct,) an error, an illusion, a dream. Open your eyes (to the reality of the original-inborn, non-doing immortal Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit …abiding semi-dormant within you) and awake (in the Dharmadhatu/Abode of Brahman/Other Shore/Kingdom of Heaven/House of Songs). The Buddha
In what miserable condition are the (godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self- dominated, self-deluded, illusions-immersed, herd-minded ordinary) people! They are born, they decay, they die, pass away and are born again (in an unceasing vicious-cycle of births-deaths-rebirths …returning back to the Burning Ghats again-and-again); and they (– deluded by their pagan nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-conditioned, mortality-bound, impure mind-states conjured conditions-of-ignorance and confusion –) do not know the path of escape from this decay, death and misery (in the spatio-temporal realm of corrupt mutating matter, fickle egos, and impure-discriminating mind-states conjured conditions of uncertainty and suffering lay in attaining their original-inborn immutable Bodhicitta/ Atman Self /Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit …in-unity-with the Divine… eternally abiding in-essence in the Dharmadhatu/Abode of Brahman/ Kingdom of Heaven/Other Shore/House of Songs …beyond disease, destruction and death). Samyutta Nikaya, Expounding Buddha’s Thoughts about the Given Existential Predicament of Human Beings, before he attained Buddhahood
Because of the innate connections between ‘Man’ and ‘Nature’, the(mind-state of the) inner-self of man is reflected in the external(condition of the world) order. Therefore, it follows that, when man’s(godless-lawless ego-dominated, decadent condition of) inner being has turned to darkness and turmoil, nature (and his outer world condition) is also turned from harmony to disequilibrium and disorder. … A traditional Muslim (or sane, rational man of any faith) would see in the bleakness and ugliness of modern industrial society and the ambiance (of a dehumanized, directionless, meaningless and purposeless counterproductive life) it creates as an outward reflection of the (inner decadent godless ego-induced dense cloud of ignorance-shrouded)darkness (as — the Trojan Horse) within the soul of (the ignorant-arrogant ego-intoxicated, modernity-mesmerized, unawakened ordinary) men who have created this (counterproductive, malevolent, unsustainable, civilization-threatening, nature-ravaging) order and who live in it (unhappily trapped in a self-generated state of perpetual frustration and misery). Syyed Hossein Nasr
Our inner universe (/state-of-mind) manifests itself outwardly (in the manifest condition of our worldly circumstances whether) in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, in peace and stress (– depending on whether it is absorbed in the wholesome higher Atman Self  …or immersed in the unwholesome lower nafs/aham/ego/beast-self). If we want to change (the world-condition) externally, it must first take place within us (internally — within our own self-awakened, original-inborn immortal Atman Self-realized state-of-being). Otherwise it will only be a (fruitlessly attempted) mechanical patch-up job (affected in vain). Nalin Nirula
(Artificial-acquired mortal aham/ego-conjured) Delusion is a sort of demonic force. People’s original (-inborn immortal Atman) mind is pure but it becomes perverted due to (their godless ego-conjured, Maya-bewitched spell of) delusion and other (pagan ego-generated, samsara-bound) karmas. Kundakunda Pancastikaya 38
From the Buddhist point of view, minds of (godless aham/ego/beast-self dominated, outward-bound, illusions-enslaved, selfish-natured, herd-minded) ordinary people are (morally) weak and (ethically) distorted. The purpose of Buddhism is to remove these (atavistic aham/ego/beast-self-imposed, impure-discriminating mind-states conjured, spiritual-progress blocking) distortions (and delusions) from the (lawless ego-conditioned monkey-) mind (of the illusions-immersed, sentience-driven ordinary man) and thus facilitate valid perception (…rendering the directly-lived experience of the Reality of Buddhahood — accessible to all awakened beings). The Dalai Lama XIV
When Lord Buddha spoke about suffering, he wasn’t referring simply to superficial problems like illness and injury (to the physical body), but to the fact that the (inherently) dissatisfied nature of (the illusions-immersed, ignorant aham/ego-self with its raft of desires-spawning, expectations-breeding, attachments-proliferating impure) mind (-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming in a world of uncertainty –) itself is suffering. No matter how much of something you get, it never satisfies your (insatiable aham/ego-self-enflamed, counterproductive mind-states conjured) desires for better or more (…ad infinitum). This unceasing (generation of mind-states-spun unquenchable desires and their attendant enslavement to attachments that entangles and imprisons the unawakened ordinary man in the vain pursuit of seeking self-fulfilment in outer-worldly transient things — itself) is suffering; its(inescapable, inherent) nature is emotional frustration (and mind-searing angst …which inevitably brings with it a soul-paralyzing, misery-saturated life riddled with fears of loss, disease and death). Lama Yeshe
In (an unending roller-coaster ride of) misery and pleasure, the whole world (of godless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self dominated, illusions-entrapped, duality-bound, attachments-tethered, herd-minded ones) is (inextricably) stuck fast. All their doings are directed by the(self-seeking, illusions-immersed, mortality-bound arrogant) assertion of (self-willed, impure) egotism. Without the Sabd (/Divine Word — revealed only to the godly immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-attained ones), the (impure ego-aroused desires and attachments to the) superstition (of the unreal-ephemeral, corrupt realm of forms) cannot be ended, and the (outward-cantered, illusions-entrapped, duality-imprisoned, objects of senses-attached godless) ego cannot be overcome. Their comings and goings in reincarnation do not end; through (their own godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self generated, duality-conditioned, self-enslaving, mortality-bound mind-states created attachments to the cycles of) death and rebirth they are wasting away (…visiting the Burning Ghats again-and-again).   Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Sikh Scripture
We, as individuals are totally responsible for the whole state of the world(for we are the world and the world is us). We (– when dominated by our godless-lawless egos –) are each one of us responsible for every war because of the aggressiveness of our own (unwholesome) lives, because of our (mutually-destructive disease of parochialism,) nationalism, our(narrow-minded, counterproductive) selfishness, our (temporal sagunic)gods, our (petty parochial biases and sectarian) prejudices, our (self-serving decadent goals and) ideals, all of which (contribute in undermining humanity’s inherent unity and) divide (and separate) us(into mutually antagonist factions). J Krishnamurti
Violence is basically an (unstable, unpredictable, uncostrainable godless-lawless) ego-related problem (that mortally afflicts mankind in general). It is a (uncontrollable, easily) provoked (and angered inner-residing atavist nafs/aham/) ego (/beast-self dominating within us) that creates almost all kinds of (outer world-life-history disrupting) violence and disturbance. Maulana Wahiuddin Khan, Spiritualist
Social reform must begin within the individual (spirit). Inward renewal of (– the Higher Self-awakened) Conscience is ultimately more effective than external imposition of (godless ego-self-conjured and organized) law (imposed by the Establishment/Orthodoxy/ Authority/Society/Military/Church/State). Chinese Classic
We (– each-and-every one of us –) must (change our pagan ego-conditioned, parochial-minded, sectarian-spirited, divisions-creating mindsets and) develop a sense of universal responsibility not only in the geographic (local/national) sense, but also in respect of the different(universal humanitarian and ecological) issues that confront (and threaten the sustainable continuity and survival of) our planet. Responsibility (and accountability) does not only lie with the leaders of our countries or those who have been appointed or elected to do a particular job. It lies with each (-and-every one) of us individually. The Dalai Lama XIV, in Noble Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
(The Higher Self-anointed) Man is a messenger (of God) who (numbed by his godless ego-inebriated state) forgot the message. Abraham Joshua Lincoln
You may cry for peace as loudly as you wish, but where there is no(inner sense of love, tolerance, unity and) brotherhood (in your heart-mind) there can be no peace (in the outer material world). Max Lerner
We can never obtain peace in the (outer) world, if we neglect the inner world and do not make peace with ourselves. The XIV Dalai Lama
If there is to be peace in the world, there must (first) be peace in the heart. Lao Tzu, Taoist
Peace is the process of restraining your (inner state of) mind to process(adjust and adapt to the outer reality of nature and) life as-it-is, rather than as you (in your ego-deluded illusion wish to) think it should be. Wayne Dyer
If (godless-lawless ego-inebriated, impure mind-states conjuring, immoral habits-enslaved ordinary) man fails to (activate his Freewill and) overcome (the atavist ego-aroused) illicit lustful desires (running rampant within him — by awakening to the moral high-ground of his godly-lawful Eternal Self), and pursues them, he will bring ruin upon himself in the end; he will bring destruction to this world and the universe (…so pivotal is his role in the world-life). Sun Myung Moon
States are as men are they grow out of human character (…and reflect the State of the Human Condition). Plato
The worth of a state (– its progressive evolution and durability or otherwise), in the long run, is the worth of individuals (– whether wiseor otherwise –) composing it. John Stuart Mill, British Philosopher- Economist
A great civilization is not conquered from without (neither by invaders nor the stormy Age Change period of transition) until it has destroyed itself from within (…through its own godless-lawless ego-dominated, pleasures-pursuing, wealth-chasing, name-making, nature-destructing, moral-decay generating, herd-minded constituents – the rot within). Mel Gibson’s, ‘Apocalypto’
It is because nations tend to stupidity and baseness (…due to the predominance of the godless ego-inebriated, herd-minded unawakened majority it comprises of) that mankind moves slowly; it is because (the few godly Higher Self-awakened, contrarian-minded, creative minority of) individuals have a capacity for better things that it moves at all. George Gissing
Nations have passed away and left no traces and history gives the naked cause of it. One single, simple reason in all cases; they fell because their(godless-lawless aham/ ego/beast-self intoxicated, illusions-immersed, self-seeking, greed-enslaved, hedonism- pursuing, narcissistic-living, herd-minded ordinary) people (– the Trojan Horse within society –)were not fit. Rudyard Kipling
I believe that civilizations have always been brought to grief by their own faults and failures (caused by their own arrogant ego-dominated, herd-mind generated follies and foibles – the Trojan Horse within), and not by any external agency (…above or below the sun). Arnold Toynbee, Iconic 20th c Historian
Civilizations like empires fall, not for the strength of the enemy outside as through the weakness and decay within (its own body social and polity – generated by the collective-impact of its own citizens and their godless aham/ego/beast-self-induced, herd-mind conjured impure conditions of hedonism-greed-corruption-decadence — the Trojan Horse within). Jawaharlal Nehru
If the ethical foundation (of society — as found innate in the Higher Self-realized, reality-anchored, altruistic-hearted, contrarian-minded creative individual –) is lacking (due to a dearth of such ones …and the preponderance of the lower-self enslaved, illusions-immersed, selfish-hearted, herd-minded uncreative ones), then civilization collapses; even when in other directions creative and intellectual (-aesthetic-academic-religious-scientific-economic-humanitarian) forces of the strongest nature are at work. Dr. Albert Schweitzer
As the family goes (– whether united and harmonious or disunited and disharmonious), so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live (…for it is from the condition of the smallest Individual Unit that the condition of the largest Collective State emerges). Pope John Paul II
Scores more Quotes on this Theme avail in ‘The Collection’ (Estd. 1958)

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