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[Note: The (Interpolations in Coloured Italic Script in Brackets) within the Body of the Original Quotes in Bold – Intuitively Revisited & Reinvested with Comments — are the Personal Subjective Thoughts, Opinions and Utterances of the Compiler-Commentator – dredged from within the depths of his Limited Framework-of-Knowledge and Partial State-of-Understanding …and is not positioned as The Definitive View on the Subject].


Atman Self – Upanishads/Bodhicitta/Buddha-Nature – Buddhism/Noor-i-Ruhani/Ruh-i-Ilahi – Islam/Holy Spirit – Christianity/Noble Self – Zoroastrianism/‘No Mind’ – Zen/ Gentleman – Confucius.

Refers to: ‘Godly-Lawful Higher/Immortal/Eternal Self’ in man.

Represents: Constructive/Divine Forces of Light-Love-Life


‘Nafs – Islam/Aham – Indic/Ego – West/Beast-Self – Zoroastrianism/‘Mind-States’ – Zen. 

Refers to: ‘Godless-Lawless Lower/Mortal/Transient self’ in man

Represents: Destructive/Satanic Forces of Darkness-Violence-Death

The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our (heathen ego-conditioned, illusory mind-states conjured, wayward) thoughts. Charles Darwin, Biologist
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that (– through its exercise of the sacred discipline of self-control –) is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin, Biologist
Man’s control of nature external is called civilization. His (cultivation and) control of nature internal (– his havoc wreaking godless ego) is called culture. Swami Chinmayananda
The highest yoga (of equanimity to attain self-liberation) is the control of the (godless-lawless ego-enslaved, wayward monkey-) mind. Lord Krishna, Gita
The control of the (lawless ego-dominated, uncontrollable monkey-)mind is said to bring the highest rewards (– the boons of Bliss and Immortality –) this universe has to offer. Mahabharata
The control of the (pagan ego-conditioned, disobedient monkey-) mind leads to mastery of all conditions and situations, both internal and external. R. Calais, Psychologist
The mind, in addition to medicine, has the powers to turn the immune system around. Jonas Salk, Doctor
The human nervous system is so capable that a person can make himself happy or miserable, regardless of whatever is happening outside himself, simply by (controlling and) changing his state of consciousness. T. Cairns, Psychologist
When the (self-disciplined) spirit controls the body, it is much easier to control emotion, stress, shivering and discover the bodies other possibilities, particularly in extreme conditions. Jean-Noel Charolais

(World-record for Resistance to Cold, 42 min 31 sec – The Asian Age Feb 2nd1998)

You should control the (violence-prone, godless-lawless ego-) self, you should restrain the (mischief-making monkey-) mind. Natural (self-)restraint, cheerfully accepted (and enthusiastically implemented), is the source of all happiness and tranquility. Lord Mahavira
By practice and dispassion (attained through the yoga of equanimity)one can (subdue-tame-harness and) control the (pagan mortal aham/ego/beast-self-conditioned, disobedient monkey-) mind. It is only then that man realizes his Higher (immortal Atman) Self (/No-Mind’ State-of-Being …at-one-with the God Mind). Patanjalli, 1.11- Founder of School of Yoga
There is no greater victory in the life of a human being than victory over the (godless ego-dominated, self-enslaving tyrant-) mind. Swami Ramdas
Before you desire to control the universe, you must first be able to completely control yourself …your (enslavement to your) own (feelings, passions, biases, emotions, sentiments and changing) moods… To know the True Man, seek for (that self-detached, dispassionate and unchanging wise) one ever smiling and cheerful in adverse circumstances; one who brings with him the Sun that dispels our darkness. Myung Moon 11.22
Control your (mortal ego-aroused, self-deluding, self-defeating, self-fragmenting illusory mind-states generating, unpredictable moods, sentiments and) emotion (with the help of your dispassionate, self-disciplined, self-empowered, original-inborn immortal Buddha-nature/Atman Self/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being’) or it will control you (…and steer you straight over the precipice-of-extinction). Chinese Adage
The (immortal Atman Self-aware wise) man who has (subdued, harnessed and) practiced control over his (wild, untamed, uncontrollable ego-) self cannot be acted on by anything else (above or below the sun) outside him. There is no more bondage (of avidya, maya, samsara or karma) for him. His (eternal Atman Self-illumined) mind has become free. Such a man alone is fit to live well in this world. Swami Vivekananda
                       ESCHEW THE VICTIM MENTALITY
Attitudes are self-created. You are free to choose to be victimized by circumstances or people, or you can choose (instead, in good faith and with positive intent to control yourself and) to look at life with an open mind and be victorious. No one can choose your attitude for you. Your perspective and choice of attitude (between pessimism and optimism)gives you the power to be in control. That is the ‘essence’ of true freedom. Irene Dunlap
Could we (control ourselves and) change our attitude (from pessimistic-viewing to optimistic-viewing), we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different. (Since we are the world and the world is us –) Life would undergo a change of appearance because we ourselves had undergone a change in attitude. Katherine Mansfield
You cannot control what happens to you (– your external conditions), but you can control your attitude (– your internal response) toward what happens to you, and in that (– by proactively staying ahead of the curve), you will be mastering (and directing the) change rather than allowing it to master (and direct) you. Brian Tracy, TV Host
I cannot always control what goes on outside, but I can always control what goes on inside. Wayne Dyer, Author
You have power (of self-control) over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find (hidden in you an inner reservoir of indomitable) strength. Marcus Aurelius
If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your (imagined, fearful) estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. Marcus Aurelius
Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them. (So, instead, control and change your attitude and all disturbances will vanish of themselves). Epictetus
We all carry within us our (guilty atavist ego-driven) places of exile, our crimes and our ravages. But our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to (exercise our sacred powers of self-control and) fight them in ourselves and in others. Albert Camus, Novelist
There are two big forces at work, external and internal. We have very little control over external forces such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, disasters, illness, and pain. What really matters is the (pivotal) internal force. How do I (creatively) respond to those disasters (so as to minimizetheir adverse impact)? Over that I have complete control. Leo Buscaglia
Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can(control yourself and) change your beliefs. Maxwell Maltz
Greatness of soul consists not so much in soaring high and in pressing forward, as in knowing how to (exercise self-control so as to) adapt and limit oneself. Montaigne
If we (lack self-discipline and) disregard due proportion by giving anything what is too much for it, too much canvas to a boat, too much nutrient to a body, too much authority to a soul, the consequence is always shipwreck. Plato
Everything in moderation including moderation. Anon
Use, do not abuse… Neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy. Voltaire
Are we (– the pagan ego-dominated foolish beings) controlled by our(random, wayward) thoughts, or are we (– the noble Higher Self-aware wise beings) controlling (the direction of) our thoughts? Raymond Holliwell
Is the dog wagging his tail, or is the tail wagging the dog. Anon
Do you own the money, or does the money own you. Folk Wisdom
People are subject to moods, to temptations and fears, lethargy and aberration and ignorance, and the staunchest qualities shift under the stresses and strains of daily life. (And this condition can only be mitigated by the exercise of self-control, without which, you’re headed straight for the rocks). Ilka Chase
It is only what we ourselves do (in our uncontrolled, impure mind-states generated conditions) that can hurt us, nothing that anyone else does, however harsh, can possibly diminish one’s dignity or ever deter one (– provided we are in control of our own minds). Marcus Aurelius
Take charge of your attitude. Don’t let someone else choose it for you. Anon
If you don’t control your (unawakened monkey-) mind, someone else will. John Allston
No man should allow his mind to be a vehicle for others to use; he who does not direct his own mind lacks mastery. Hazrat Inayat Khan
(Always remember!) What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you. Anthony De Mello
You cannot find your (infinite) soul with your (pagan ego-conditioned finite monkey-) mind; you must use your heart. You must know what you are feeling. If you don’t know what you are feeling, you will create (/act)unconsciously (without exercising any form of conscious self-control).If you are unconscious of an aspect of yourself; if it operates outside your field of (conscious) awareness, that aspect has power over you. Gary Zukav
The control of the (hedonist senses-ruled, uncontrolled appetites-driven) palate is a valuable aid for the control of the (pagan ego-dominated, narcissist senses-driven monkey-) mind. Gandhi
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves(alone) must (take charge of ourselves and) walk the path. Buddha
A dog is given a tail (as a useful and obedient appendage) to keep away the flies or whatever. As long as the dog (controls and) wags the tail, it is fine. But then suppose the tail starts (controlling and) wagging the dog! Then the dog cannot afford to have a (dissenting and disobedient) tail. As long as our mind is an instrument (that enables self-control) and is helpful to us, it is nice to have a mind. If the (disobedient, wayward monkey-) mind determines my lot (instead of me), it is not good to have a mind. The mind is a ‘karana’ (– a mere ‘doer’ as a puppet), nothing else. The world cannot touch you unless you desire. Swami Dayananda
Your will needn’t be effected by an incident unless you let it. Remember this with everything that happens to you (– you are in final control). Epictetus
They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them. Gandhi
No man is good enough to govern another without that other’s consent. Abraham Lincoln
No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys.                         Doug Horton
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.                Eleanor Roosevelt
We’re swallowed up only when we’re willing for it to happen. Nathalie Sarrute
The world cannot touch you unless you desire. Swami Dayananda
Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you. Benjamin Franklin
Stoop and you’ll be stepped on; stand tall and you’ll be shot at. Carlos Urbizo, Revolutionary
There is no power in the universe that can injure us, unless we first injure ourselves. Swami Vivekananda
If you make yourself into a doormat, people will wipe their feet on you. Belizean Proverb
You cannot blame a man for riding you; you can only blame yourself for having offered him a bent back. Martin Luther King Jr.
Only when a man invites insults, will others insult him. Only when a family invites destruction, will others destroy it. Only when a State invites invasion, will others invade it. Mencius IV.A-8
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. Wayne Dyer
The last of the human freedoms is to (be able to exercise self-control and calmly think and) choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstance. Victor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor & Psychiatrist
When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to(be able to exercise the sacred discipline of self-control and to adjust and adapt to the situation in an evolutionary way and dispassionately)change ourselves (thereby overcoming its ill-effects). Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor & Psychiatrist
“If it were just a matter of playing football with the firmament, stirring up the ocean, turning back rivers, carrying away mountains, I could manage it easily enough” said (Ego-) Monkey. But if it comes to(exercising self-control and) sitting still and meditating. I am bound to come off badly. It’s quite against my nature to sit still.” Wu Chang-en
Man is born with an ego and lives and dies with it. The role of religion and spirituality is to help (unawakened ordinary) human beings (attain self-) control (over) their (godless-lawless ahams/nafs/) egos, negate the beast in them and bring out the (extraordinary godly, Dharmic law-upholding Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/ Holy Spirit-inspired) humane qualities. Mata Amritanandamayi
Man is still responsible (– come what may). … His success lies not with the stars (nor in his genes), but with himself. He must carry on the fight of (self-control,) self-correction and (self-) discipline (if he is to achieve anything worthwhile in life). Frank Curtis Williams
Anyone can become angry, that is easy (and normal for all pagan ego-dominated, uncontrollable ordinary men), but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way – that is not within everyone’s power and that is not easy (…for it calls for an extraordinary degree of Higher Self-awareness and self-restraint over the uncontrollable, indiscriminate anger-erupting, godless-lawless ego). Aristotle
Anger is a great force (– a quantum packet of concentrated raw-energy). If you can (tame, harness, channelize and) control it, it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world (…and if you cannot, rest assured its unbridled potency can destroy you and your world). Swami Sivananda
Holding on to anger (– a favourite hobby of the ignorant ego-self-dominated ones –) is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one that gets burnt (for, by its very nature …anger, like fire, destroys the very place wherein it resides – the human heart). Gautama Buddha
Anger (born of the unrestrainable, godless-lawless mortal ego-self)deprives a sage of his wisdom, a prophet of his vision. The Talmud
“Who do you imagine to be strong or powerful?” asked the Prophet. “He who throws people down (with his physical strength and mental skill),” replied his disciples. “Nay!” said the Prophet, “it is he who (subdues and) masters (his own atavistic mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-aroused, self-defeating mind-states conjured illusory sense of insult/humiliation/emotional turbulence generated within) himself (…through his spiritually self-detached, reality-anchored, noble Ruh-e-Ilahi/Noor-i-Ruhani/Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Holy Spirit-graced sacred powers of self-control) when angry. Thus Spake Prophet Mohammad
The strong is not the one who overcomes people by his (physical)strength, but the strong is the one who (uses his moral strength and)controls himself while in (an abject state of) anger (generated by his hurt pagan mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self). Hadith, Sahih Al-Bukhari
The most excellent Holy War (– Jihad-i-Akbar –) is that for the conquest of the (godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-) self;therefore let God fill my angry heart with security and faith; for no person has drunk a better draught than one who has (conquered his ego-self and) swallowed his anger for God’s dear sake. Prophet Mohammad, The Koran
The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law (in heaven or earth). Galatians 5:22, Bible
When (the godless-lawless lower ego-self aroused, illusions-bound, impure mind-states conjured irrational moods/feelings/) emotions are uncontrolled by the (godly-lawful higher Noble Self-awakened dispassionate, non-judgmental, rational) intellect, sentiment smothers Judgment. Zarathustra, Avesta
Let (the original-inborn immortal Atman/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/‘Noble Self’-influenced higher faculty of) reason mould, regulate and control your (impure mortal nafs/aham/ego/Beast Self’-aroused, self-deluding, imaginary mind-states conjured conditions of decadent-destructive) thinking. Zarathustra, Avesta
He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason. Cicero
It is a man’s own (uncontrollable, pagan aham/ego/beast-self-conditioned monkey-) mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways (which, in turn, inexorably lead him down the path to self-destruction). Buddha
It’s me (in my own uncontrollable, pagan ego-self-enslaved avatar) who is my (biggest) enemy. Me who beats me up. Me who makes the monsters. Me who strips my confidence. Paula Coelho, “Me,” This Fire
Every man (immersed in his unawakened, uncontrollable, godless-lawless ego-dominated, troubles-generating monkey-mind) is his own worst enemy. St. Bernard
The highest destiny of the individual is to (subdue-tame-bridle-harness and channelize his arrogant, godless ego and humbly learn to) serve rather than to rule. Albert Einstein, Physicist
Many people have the ambition to succeed; they may even have a special aptitude for their job. And yet they do not move ahead. Why? Perhaps they think that since they can master the job, there is no need (for them to exercise self-control) to master themselves. John Stevenson
Yoga (of equanimity) is self-conquest (of the disobedient, lawless ego-mind). Self-conquest (of our uncontrollable, godless ego-mind) is God-realization. He who practices yoga (of equanimity through self-control)does two things with one stroke: he simplifies (and makes happy and peaceful) his whole life and (through the actualization of his immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit –) he gets free access to the Divine. Sri Chinmoy
The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet
(The sacred discipline of self-control/restraint/moderation through)Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fires of lust, and kindles the true light of chastity (through which the soul ascends to the Divine). St Augustine
To extend your life by a year (exercise a little self-control and) take one less bite each meal (and to reduce it by a decade, be a libertine and indulge in a few bites more). Chinese Proverb
“Nothing in Excess”. Inscription on front of the temple at Delphi
Even nectar is poison if taken in excess. Hindu Folk Proverb
Man should discover his own (higher) reality and not thwart himself; for he has his self as his only friend or his only enemy. A person has his(higher Atman) Self as a friend when (through his exercise of the sacred discipline of self-control) he has conquered his (lower mortal ego-) self. But if he (lacks self-control and) rejects his own (higher)reality, his own (lower) self will war against him. Lord Krishna, Gita 6.5-6
To whatever extent the five senses, the four taints of emotions, and the four instinctive appetites are suppressed (/self-controlled) by a (‘no-minded’) person who is well established in righteousness, to such extent the doorway for the entrance of evil is closed for that person. Acarangasutra 4.15
One who practices self-control, who engages with the world without attraction or aversion (– a ‘no-minded’, impartial, non-discriminatory state beyond the limitation of duality), achieves the mercy of God(/unites with Brahman/Dharma/Asha/Tao). This mercy ends all miseries(by bestowing on one the boon of liberation). In this serene state (of the silent-steady-stilled no-mind — Samadhi/Nirvana/ Moksha/Satori dawns) the intelligence soon becomes clear (…and merges with the Divine). Lord Krishna, Gita 2.64-65
One without self-control (– the unfocused, scatter-minded one) cannot have a clear intelligence (– as he has a murky ‘mind-state’) or a steady mind (– as he has a vacillating ‘mind-state’). An unsteady mind (– a constantly shifting/mutating ‘mind-state’) finds no peace, and without peace where is joy?   Lord Krishna, Gita2.66
An unrestrained (-unstable, pagan mortal aham/ego/beast-self- dominated, impure-discriminatory mind-states conjuring monkey-)mind alone is the cause of degeneration while a controlled (– stable, non-discriminating, original-inborn immortal Atman Self-directed/ no-) mind causes progress. Yoga Vasishta
Behold the (self-disciplined, original-innate imperishable Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakened wise) man (offirm resolve and steady mind) who hath attained mastery over his(uncontrollable, pagan perishable aham/nafs/ego/beast-) self; all other men worship him. Thiru Valluvar, The Kural
Behold the (original-inborn higher Atman Self-realized, self-disciplined wise) man (of strong conviction and unwavering determination) whose firm will controlleth his (pagan ego-infected, wayward-roaming) five senses, even as the goading hook controlleth the elephant: he indeed, is a seed fit for the Fields of Heaven. Thiru Valluvar, The Kural
Self-control (exercised by reining-in one’s unrestrainable, illusions-immersed godless-lawless aham/nafs/ego/beast-self) takes one to the gods; its lack to utter darkness. To take the fleeting (and fickle rat-race struggle for ‘this worldly’ transient-corrupt treasures of power-pleasure-wealth-fame-success in a dog-eat-dog world) for the permanent (while remaining ignorant of the eternal-incorruptible treasures of the Spirit) is foolish and pitiable. The Code of the Pure at Heart is not to (fall into the insidious trap of conjuring vengeance-centric, self-defeating mind-states and) return hurt for angry hurt. Thiru Valluvar,The Kural
Of all the manifestations of power, restraint (of the uncontrollable, intolerant-natured, hot-tempered, troubles-creating, pagan-lower aham/ego/beast-self and its illusions-conjuring, discriminatory mind-states generating conditions-of-becoming …by the self-controlled, tolerant-natured, cool-minded, problems-solving, reality-anchored, non-discriminating original-inborn eternal Higher Self-attained/‘No -Mind’ State of Being) impresses men the most. Thucydides
Allah is with those who restrain themselves (by exercising their potent power of self-control over their intolerant-natured, mischief-making, self-destructive mind-states generating pagan mortal nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self …by the sanctified powers of their self-discipline-enabled, inborn-eternal Ruh-e-Ilahi/Noor-i-Ruhani/Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Holy Spirit …in-union-with Allah). Quran 16.128
Good is restraint (/self-moderation) in body, good is restraint (/self-control) in speech. Good is restraint (/self-discipline) in mind, good is restraint (/self-correcting) everywhere. The (original-inborn eternal Atman Self/Buddha-nature-absorbed, self-commanded, self-directed enlightened) monk restrained in everything is from all sorrow freed. Buddha
… Where (the sacred faculty of) self-control is the friend of the Conscience (– rooted in the self-disciplined original-inborn eternal Atman/’Noble Self’ …always in-sync-with its conscience …in-accord-with Asha/Brahman/Dharma/Tao). Zarathustra, Avesta
An unrestrained (pagan lower aham/ego/beast-self dominated, impure-discriminatory mind-states conjuring, unstable monkey-) mind alone is the cause of degeneration while a controlled (and stable, non-discriminating original-inborn higher Atman Self-directed/no-) mind causes progress. Yoga Vasishta
It is true that the (godless-lawless mortal aham/ego-self-instigated, mischief-making monkey-) mind is restless and difficult to control. But it can be overpowered, Arjuna, through regular practice (of the yoga of spiritual self-control, dispassion and) detachment. Those (pagan lower aham/ego/beast-self-immersed, vacillating-natured, herd-minded, immoderate ones …immersed in constantly shifting mind-states conjuring conditions of cravings/clingings to this-and-that)who lack self-control will find it difficult to progress in meditation (which calls for a spiritually self-detached, secure-serene-still-silent/‘no-mind’/‘no-stir’ condition); but those (steady-spirited, tranquil-tempered, contrarian-natured, original-inborn immortal Atman Self-realized wise ones) who are self-controlled, striving earnestly through the right means (…in-joint-with their conscience …in accord with God’s Will), will attain the goal(…and go bare-back riding in the sky with the gods). Lord Krishna, Gita 6.35-36
That man is disciplined and happy who can prevail (through the practice of self-control – the yoga of equanimity) over the turmoil that springs from (within himself induced by his atavist lower aham/ego/ beast-self-aroused, illusory mind-states conjuring conditions of untrammelled)desire and anger (…by attaining the spiritually self-detached, original-inborn immortal Atman/Buddha Self-actualized/ ‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being), here on earth before he leaves his (mortal coil/) body (…and heads straight for My heavenly abode). Lord Krishna, Gita 5.23
Those (Atman Self-realized wise ones) who (through their sacred exercise of the yoga of self-control) overcome the (godless ego-self-conditioned, impure mind-states conjured) impulses of lust and anger which arise in the body are made whole (– the ‘Ideal’/‘Complete Man’ — Adarsha Purusha – Upanishads//Sampurna Purusha – Gita/ Stithapragnya – Vedas/Tathagata – Buddhism/Mahavira – Jainism/Insaan-i-Kamil/Fata – Islam/Naroish Nara/Ashavaan – Zoroastrianism/Anointed One – Christianity/Shijin – Zen/Elmataro – Judaism) and live in joy (eternal). Lord Krishna, Gita 5.22-24
Like a chariot drawn by wild horses is the (uncontrollable, pagan mortal aham/ego/beast-self-dominated, illusions-conjuring monkey-) mind, the man of knowledge (– the self-controlled, self-empowered, reality-anchored, contrarian-spirited, original-inborn immortal Atman Self/‘No-Mind’-attained wise one …abiding in-essence in the Infinite Sphere of Spirit) should hold it (in tight focus and control) with an unswerving attention. Svetasvatara Upanishad
Not to have control over the (Maya-bewitched, pagan-lower aham/ nafs/ego/beast-) self is like sailing in a rudderless ship that is bound to break to pieces on coming in contact with the very first rock (/challenge it meets in life). M K Gandhi
Wherever the (godless mortal ego-self-controlled monkey-) mind wanders because of its flickering and unsteady nature, bring it back under the control of the (godly immortal Atman) self. Lord Krishna, Gita 6.26
Nature (in her compassionate bounty) provides a free lunch, but only if we control our (uncontrollable ego-generated, greed-driven, illusory mind-states conjured insatiable desires and) appetites (…which – as we see today in the 20th century – is fast laying waste our only Sacred Home Planet — Mother Earth). William Ruckelshaus
All the gods are under the sway of the (the godless ego-conditioned, untamed monkey-) mind, but the (the lawless ego-dominated, uncontrollable monkey-) mind never comes under the rule of any power. Even the (spiritually-evolved) yogis know the (unpredictable monkey-)mind to be a terrible god, stronger than the strongest. Only he, therefore, who can (subdue and) bring the (godless-lawless ego-enslaved disobedient monkey-) mind under his control (he alone attains the ego-less, godly-lawful Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-realized/No-Mind’ State-of-Being), is the God of gods. Lord Krishna, Gita
(The spiritually self-detached, original-innate unborn-undying Atman Self-aware/‘No-Minded’ wise one) Thus ruling (through his sacred powers of self-control) over the ears, eyes, tongues, nose and sense of touch, all (of which faculties are permanently) centered in the (original-inborn eternal Atman Self-awakened/no-) mind, the soul (‘no-mindedly’ acts and) enjoys (all) the pleasure of this world (…without in any way being tainted, affected, or influenced by the otherwise inescapable dynamics of avidya-maya-karma-samsara). Lord Krishna, Gita 15.9
(The original-inborn eternal Atman Self-aware  wise) One who has control over his pants (/bridling of libido), hands (/propriety of behaviour/non-violence) and mouth (/control of speech/non-abusive) is like Vishnu and Brahma. He has nothing to worry (or fear in this corrupt world of mortal perils or any other to follow). Sarvagna, South Indian Sage
The greatest persecution of the church doesn’t come from enemies on the outside but is born from the (godless-lawless ego-self-aroused, impure mind-states committed) sin (by spiritually-immature beings) within the(body-polity of the) church. Pope Benedict XVI

[Offering the Disgraced Catholic Church’s strongest statement of fault to date in its widespread sexual-abuse scandal, TIME – May 24th, 2010]

(In my godless-lawless ego-instigated, unbridled thirst for power) I bought myself down. I gave them a sword and they stuck it in. (Disgraced) U.S. President, Richard Nixon
In a moment of (godless-lawless ego-instigated, uncontrolled greed-driven) stupidity and weakness, I allowed Satan and the world to dictate to me, rather than the Lord. (Disgraced Test Cricketer) Hansie Cronje
It was win at all costs. When I was diagnosed (as cancer) I would do anything to survive. I took the attitude – win at all costs – to cycling. That’s bad. I was taking drugs before that…. My (pagan ego-provoked, uncontrolled and) ruthless desire to win at all costs served me well on the bike but the level it went to, for whatever (godless-lawless ego-driven corrupt) reason, is a (serious moral) flaw. That desire, that attitude, that arrogance (of my name-fame-gain seeking ego …bought me down). (Disgraced Cycling World Champ) Lance Armstrong to Oprah Winfrey
I’ve tried to do a good job taking care of this country, even when I haven’t taken such good care of myself, my family and my obligations(by letting my unrestrainable ego-fuelled libido get the better of me). I hope that you and others I have injured will forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made (in my uncontrollable, pagan ego-maddened pursuit of lust) (Disgraced) U.S. President, Bill Clinton
I screwed up; it was all my (uncontrollable, pagan ego-aroused, impure mind-states conjured) fault. (Disgraced) CIA Director Ex-General Petraeus, forced to resign after an affair with his biographer
I know I have bitterly disappointed all of you. I have made you question who I am and how I could have done the things I did. I am embarrassed I have put you in this position. For all I have done (due to my lack of self-control in my primitive ego-aroused, uncontrollable mind-state conjured conditions of an inflamed libido) I am sorry, I have a lot to atone for. (Disgraced Golf World Champ) Tiger Woods
(Misplaced) (Disgraced World Bank CEO) Levi Strauss-Kahn
As the fallow leaf of the tree falls to the ground, when its days are gone, so is the life of (all godless-lawless mortal aham/nafs/ego/ beast-self-dominated, uncontrolled, unawakened ordinary) men; Gautama (– as the self-restrained, self-controlled, self-disciplined immortal Bodhicitta/Atman Self/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-seeking wise one), be careful (– mindful in due diligence and abundant caution) all the while! As the dew-drop dangling on the tip of a blade of grass lasts but a short time, even so is the (finite, ephemeral) life of (all pagan transient aham/nafs/ego/beast-self-enslaved, uncontrolled, unawakened ordinary) men; Gautama (– as the eternal Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakend extraordinary one –) be alert (– super-cautious and self-controlled in body-mind-spirit –)all the while! A life so fleeting and existence so precarious, wipe-off the sins you ever committed (in your uncountable, uncontrollable, unawakened, atavist aham/nafs/ ego/beast-self-immersed lifetimes); Gautama be (self-moderated, self-correcting and self-) mindful all the while! A rare boon, in the long course of time (…80,000 births in various sub-human forms, so it is said), is human birth for a living being; hard (and inescapable) are the consequences of (uncontrolled)actions (– one nano-slip and all is instantly lost); Gautama remain(360 degrees alert, 24x7x365 days) watchful (and self-controlled – firmly anchored in the innate unborn-undying Buddha-nature/Atman Self/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit) all the while! Uttaradhyayana Sutra 10. 1-4
By (your own spiritually self-disciplined, higher, immortal Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/Atman) self do you (correct and)censure yourself (– your undisciplined, godless-lawless lower, mortal aham/nafs/ego/beast-self). By (your own spiritually-detached, original-inborn eternal Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/ Atman) self do you (self-critically) examine (and eschew) yourself (– your transient, illusions-immersed, attachments-bound, impure transient aham/nafs/ego/beast-self). Self-guarded and mindful, O bhikku(always remain inner-centered, reality-anchored and 360 degrees alert), you will live happily. (Your cosmic spirit-blessed, original-inborn immortal Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/Atman)Self, indeed, is the protector of (your earthly mortal) self. (Your own original-noble imperishable Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/Atman) Self, indeed, is one’s refuge. Control your own(outward-bound, illusions-immersed, desires-spinning, attachments-forming, pagan, perishable aham/ego/nafs/beast-dominated) self as a merchant controls a (well-broken, well-trained) noble steed (…or like an untrained wild stallion it will take you over the cliff with it). Buddha, Dhammapada 379-80
Scores more Quotes on this Theme avail in ‘The Collection (Estd. 1958)

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