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Atman Self – Upanishads/Bodhicitta – Buddhism/Noor-i-Ruhani/Ruh-i-Ilahi – Islam/Holy Spirit – Christianity/Noble Self – Zoroastrianism/‘No Mind’ – Zen/Gentleman – Confucius.

Refers to: ‘Godly-Lawful Higher/Immortal/Eternal Self’ in man.

Represents: Constructive/Divine Forces of Light-Love-Life


‘Nafs – Islam/Aham – Indic/Ego – West/Beast-Self – Zoroastrianism/‘Mind-States’ – Zen. 

Refers to: ‘Godless-Lawless Lower/Mortal/Transient self’ in man

Represents: Destructive/Satanic Forces of Darkness-Violence-Death

“Arjuna! Two types of men in this world we find, / One divine (– the altruistic-spirited, contrarian-minded, original-inborn immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-realized ones) and the other demoniac (– the godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-dominated, selfish-spirited, malignant-natured, herd-minded ones)in kind”, / Said the Lord, “Freedom (from suffering in the Abode of Brahman) is the gain of the former, / While bondage alone (in the inescapable misery and suffering of samsara) is the lot of the latter.” Lord Krishna, Gita 16.1
The root and fruit of ethics, its basis (/raison d’etre) and its implications, is the existence of ‘Two Selves’ in man: the ‘Lower’(False Self – the unawakened, demoniac-natured, herd-minded — the godless-lawless artificial-acquired mortal nafs/aham/ego/‘Beast self’-dominated entity) and the ‘Higher’ (True Self — the awakened, divine-natured, contrarian-minded — the godly-lawful original-inborn immortal Atman/‘Noble Self’/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-realized being). Prophet Zarathustra, AvestaGatha 43.3
Ahura Mazda (/God) recognizes only two classes among mankind, the Ashavant (– the Righteous – godly-lawful original-inborn immortalAtman/‘Noble Self’/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-realized, good-natured, altruistic-hearted, contrarian-minded ones –) and the Dregvant (– the Unrighteous – godless-lawless artificial-acquired mortal nafs/aham/ego/‘Beast Self’-dominated, wicked-natured, selfish-hearted, herd-minded ones). Prophet Zarathustra, Avesta
Man (– when in touch with his divine-spirited, altruistic-hearted, contrarian-minded original-inborn immortal ‘Noble-Self’/Atman/ Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Ghost) can soar higher than Angels: he(– when immersed in his demonic-natured, selfish-hearted, herd-minded, artificial-pagan mortal nafs/aham/ego/ ‘Brute-Self’) can sink lower than Beasts. Prophet Zarathustra, Avesta
Every human being has two inclinations: one towards good (– as inspired by his peaceful, godly-lawful immortal Noor-i-Ruhani/ Atman/Noble Self /Buddha-nature/Holy Spirit) and the other, towards evil (– as instigated by his godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self). But God’s help is near and he who asks (with a sincere mind, contrite heart and clear vision), obtains His help in fighting the (pagan ego/beast-self dominated, defiled mind-states conjured) evil promptings of his own heart. Prophet Mohammad
The most excellent Jihad (– a true, duty-bound Casus Justus/Jus ad Bellum/Dharma Yuddha/Jihad/Crusade/Holy War –) is that (inner war which is waged by our self-liberating, original-inborn eternal Ruh-e-Ilahi/Noor-i-Ruhani/Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Holy Spirit-awakened heart-mind) for the conquest of the (self-enslaving, artificial-pagan transient nafs/aham/ego/beast-) self (that dominates within us). Prophet Mohammad
Human reality stands between the higher (– the godly-lawful immortal Noor-i-Ruhani/Atman/Bodhicitta/Holy Spirit/Noble Self) and the lower (– the ungodly-Lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/Beast-Self) in man, between the world of the animal and the world of Divinity. When the (lower-transient) animal proclivity in man becomes predominant, he sinks even lower than the brute. When the (higher-eternal) heavenly powers are triumphant in his nature, he becomes the noblest and most superior being. (But because of his predominating godless-lawless mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self reigning within –) In him there is antagonism, hatred and selfish struggle for existence (that poisons the world atmosphere); in his(pagan perishable low-base-mean-vile) nature lurk jealousy, revenge, ferocity, cunning, hypocrisy, lust, greed, injustice and tyranny. Therefore man (– as he currently is in his unawakened mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-dominated impure state –) is imperfect(…and so it naturally follows we have a world condition of pollution, strife and chaos). A Baha’i Perspective (TOI)
Our (godless mortal ego-dominated, misery-ridden) humanity were a poor thing were it not for the (soul-redeeming immortal Atman Self/Holy Spirit-connected) divinity which stirs within us (in the sacred receptacle of our hearts). Francis Bacon
All that we are not (in our potential godly-lawful immortal Higher Self-aware state) stares back at what we are (in our actual godless-lawless mortal ego/beast-self-dominated ignorant state). W H Auden, Poet
As long as a (pagan perishable ego/beast-self dominated) man stands in his own way (by obstructing the emergence of his imperishable Noble Self), everything seems to be in his way (even with all the things of this world at his command). R W Emerson
(lower ego-dominated) man cannot be comfortable without his own(Higher Self-sanctioned) approval. Mark Twain
You (– in your Higher Self-absorbed state) are your own best friend or(– in your Lower Self-immersed state your own) worst enemy. Chinese Proverb
We (– in our unreal mortal ego-self immersed state-of-ignorance –)run fastest and farthest when we run from ourselves (– our real immortal Higher Self-absorbed state-of-enlightenment). Eric Hoffer
All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from(– the lower ego-self), and to (– the Higher Self), and why? (To attain Immortality, stupid). James Turber
To enter one’s own self (– one’s godless-lawless mortal ego-self – in order to vanquish it), it is necessary to go armed to the teeth (with the infinite power of one’s awakened inborn immortal Higher Self). Paul Valery
The greatest conflicts are not between two people, but between one person (– in his false-lower mortal ego/beast-self-imprisoned state –)and himself (– in his real-higher Immortal Self-liberated state).                        Garth Brooks, American Singer
When the fight (between his Higher Self and Lower Ego) begins within himself a man’s worth something. R. Browning
Find the (real) you (– your true Higher Self –) that’s not you (– in your current false ego/beast-self dominated condition –) and can never be. Antonio Machado
(Even now immersed in your current petty ego/beast-self dominated state, you must realize that) It is never too late to (actualize your inmost reality and) be who you (– in your potential mighty Higher Self-awakened state –) might have been. George Eliot, Author
Tension is who you think you (– as a pagan mortal ego/beast-self-dominated, outward-focused, senses-deluded, tensions-riven, illusory mind-states conjuring transient conditions-of-becoming –) should be.Relaxation is who you (– as the inward-centred, reality-anchored, original-inborn Buddha Self-awakened/‘No Mind’ State-of-Being really and truly) are (…in your eternal self-nature). Chinese Proverb
There are (our artificial, godless lower ego-self-conjured) mental demons we fight and (our original-inborn godly Higher Self-endowed)mental angels that we all carry around; it’s how we deal with them that will determine if we can deal with this thing called life (…and emerge liberated or enslaved). Mitch Thrower
Every person has both a (godless lower ego-dominated) bad heart and a(godly Higher Self-graced) good heart. No matter how good a man seems, he has some evil. No matter how bad a man seems, there is some good about him. No man is perfect (until he has banished the former from his heart). Mohawk Indian Tribe Tradition
One of the secrets of life is to be honestly who you are. To be honestly who you are (as the real immortal Noble Self) you are to give up the illusions (of your unreal mortal ego/Beast Self) and face (the fresh)today with courage. Bill Purdin
We cannot become what we ought to be (in the higher Noble Self- liberated state), by remaining what we are (in the lower pagan ego/Beast-Self-enslaved state). Max Depree
There is an (original-inborn immortal Greater Self-blessed) eagle in me that wants to soar (…high into the reality of the Transcendent Sphere of Spirit/Immortality), and there is a (artificial-pagan mortal ego/Lesser Self-cursed) hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the (self-destructing, illusions-immersed, impure mind-states conjured realm of)mud (/wretched Samsara). Carl Sandburg
Within you right now is the (Higher Self-endowed) power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your (Lower ego-self-conditioned, illusory mind-states conjured obsolete) beliefs. Maxwell Maltz
Your mind (…in its unawakened, artificial-pagan mortal ego/beast-self dominated desires-arousing, attachments-forming, impure-discriminatory mind-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming) is the generator of failure and also (…in its awakened, desires-less, attachments-freed original-inborn immortal higher Noble Self-anchored/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being is) the generator of success. Remez Sasson
We have made our way from (the godless-lawless artificial-pagan mortal ego/beast-self-dominated, unthinking herd-minded, measly)worm to (the godly-lawful original-inborn eternal Higher Self-inspired, universal-thinking, contrarian-minded, Super) man, but much of us is still (atavistic-impure, finite ego/beast-self-dominated, unawakened herd-minded measly) worm. Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Sprach Zarathustra
You were born with greatness. / You were born with wings (of the fearless Ruh-e-Ilahi/Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Holy Spirit-awakened one). / You are not meant for crawling (as does the cowardly lower-mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self), so don’t. / You have (God-given)wings learn to (recognize, actualize and) use them and fly (to the Sphere of Eternity…where the Immortals eagerly await you with open hearts). Jalaluddin Rumi, Poet
Whenever a (pagan-lower mortal ego/beast-self aroused, self-enervating) negative thought concerning your personal power comes to mind, (consciously and) deliberately voice a (self-empowering, original-inborn immortal Higher/Noble Self-inspired counter-poised) positive thought to cancel it out. Norman V Peale
One can overcome the forces of negative emotions, like anger and hatred(…born of our godless-lawless, undisciplined-uncontrollable mortal aham/ego/beast-self intoxicated, malignant mind-states conjuring self-destructive conditions of attachments to impurities), by cultivating their counter-forces (of positive emotions), like (detachment, equanimity, non-violence, altruism, good-will, tolerance,) love and compassion (…born of our godly-lawful, self-disciplined, self-detached immortal Atman Self /Buddha-nature/ ‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being …ever in-sync-with the world-life and the Divine). The Dalai Lama XIV
(The unreal-finite-limited, artificial-profane mortal nafs/aham/) Ego(/beast-self) comes to an end, when one gets awakened (through the exercise of the yoga of self-control and equanimity) to the spiritual cognition of the (real-infinite-boundless, original-innate unborn-undying Atman) Self (/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit …at-one-with the Divine — even though abiding semi-dormant coexistent with the nafs/aham/ego/beast-self within all sentient beings). Sri Sathya Sai Baba
The (original-inborn eternal Atman) Self (Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-aware/‘No-Minded’ wise one …ever abiding equanimous in the Absolute-Infinite Transcendent Sphere of Spirit …even though dispassionately engaged in intense activity in the relative-finite temporal realm of matter —) alone is real. All others (viz. the artificial-acquired, pagan transient nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self-conditioned, illusory mainstream mind-states conjuring foolish ones active in the transient space-time bound realm of manifestation –) are unreal. The (artificial-finite mortal nafs/ aham/ego/beast-self-conditioned, self-deluded, illusions-conjuring, impure-discriminating monkey-) mind and intellect do not remain (and operate independently on their own) apart from (the original-inborn-infinite immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-aware) you. Ramana Maharishi
Do not be misled by what you see round you (in the external, unreal-manifest-dependent, finite-transient temporal realm of matter and form— the Empirical Dimension —), or be influenced by (the differentiated-conditioned names-forms-qualities-effects of) what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of (Maya-bewitched) illusion (and godless-mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-fabricated mental delusions),full of false (misleading) paths, false (misconstrued) values and false(misconceived) ideals. But (…look within and discover your true, reality-anchored, original-inborn immutable Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit …eternally abiding in-essence in the Ontological Dimension and realize that) you are not part of that (finite-ephemeral) world (of the temporarily-extant, artificial-profane nafs/aham/ego/beast-self dominated, self-defeating, mortality-bound illusory mind-states conjuring conditions imprisoned in samsara). Sai Baba
(As the godless nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-immersed one) You exist in(the immanent realm of matter-mind, space-) time, but (as the godly Atman Self/ Buddha-nature/ Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-absorbed one)you belong to (the Transcendent Sphere of) eternity. You (— as the infinite-absolute Atman Self/ Bodhicitta/Ruh-e-Ilahi/Holy Ghost-awakened wise one) are a penetration of (the Boundless Sphere of)eternity into the (temporary, causal-finite-transient) world of time. You(– as the original-innate unborn-undying Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Ruh-e-Ilahi/Holy Ghost-blessed one) are deathless,(temporarily) living in a (perishable finite-transient nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-embodied) body of death. Your (original-inborn unconditioned-undifferentiated-unalloyed godly Atman Self/ Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Ghost-awakened spiritual)consciousness (…eternally abiding in-essence in the Infinite Sphere of Spirit/Dharmadhatu/Abode of Brahman) knows no death, no birth, it is only your (false godless-mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self embodied corporeal) body (temporarily manifest and active in the unreal realm of mutating matter –) that (seemingly) is born and dies. Osho
We are Spirit first (– as the original-inborn eternal Atman Self/ Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-touched ones –) and human(beings with an ephemeral body-mind and artificial-acquired transient nafs/aham/ego/beast-self), second. We are Spirits with body, not bodies with spirit. The Spirit is eternal (…ever-abiding in-essence in the pure Infinite-Eternal Transcendent Sphere), the body a temporary home (…extant in the finite-transient, immanent spatio-temporal realm of decaying matter). Aboriginal Wisdom
(finite lower ego/beast-self dominated) heart that time and place (– the transient-corrupt realm of qualities and forms –) / suffice to satisfy/ Knows nothing of its own / (infinite Higher/Noble Self-endowed timeless-spaceless-qualityless-formless) immeasurability. Anqelus Silesius
Deep within (the innermost mind of pagan mortal ego-immersed, unawakened ordinary) man dwell those slumbering (implicit-infinite-eternal, semi-dormant, potent) powers (of the indomitable, reality-anchored, self-illuminating, immortality-endowed original-inborn Higher Self); powers that would astonish him (– when he awakens to his true-eternal ‘self-nature’ …and applies them)(supernatural powers) that he (in his former godless ego-blinded state) never dreamed of possessing; (humanity-unshackling, civilization-enhancing, world-life evolving) forces that would revolutionize his life (…and the world) if(‘no-mindedly’) aroused and (ego-lessly/self-lessly) put into action. Orison S. Marden
You have to know the reality and the reality is that we (– in our mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self dominated, illusory mind-states conjuring avatar — are transient …but at our core — in our original-inborn immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakened/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being — we) are eternal. Deepak Chopra
Man is born with an (unrestrainable, godless-lawless, troubles-generating, fickle-tempered, artificial-pagan lower aham/) ego (/beast-self…embodied within his being) and lives and dies with it (…inescapably imprisoned in the vortex of its strum und drung). The (self-disciplining, self-refining, self-liberating) role of religion and spirituality is to help (unawakened, spiritually-immature ordinary)human beings control their (uncontrollable, self-destructing, mischief-making, strife-generating, fickle-natured, artificial-atavistic mortal aham/) egos, negate the beast (-self) in them and bring out the (godly-lawful, original-inborn noble Atman Self-graced, divine-gifted) humane qualities (…also semi-dormant within them …even while acting in the in the corrupt finite-transient temporal realm of matter …though permanently abiding in-essence in the Infinite-Eternal Transcendent Sphere of Spirit). Mata Amritanandamayi
Yes, there are Two Fundamental Spirits, twins (that co-existed before Creation  — Spenta Mainyu – the positive world-life affirming force emanating from Ahura Mazda/God …and Angre Mainyu — the nihilistic world-life negating force emanating from Ahriman/Satan), which are renowned to be in (perennial) relentless conflict. In thought,and in word, and in action they are (an eternally-irreconcilable state of canonical conjugate contraries/) opposites: the Better and the Bad. And between these Two, the wise (altruistic-hearted, contrarian-spirited original-inborn immortal Atman/‘Noble Self’/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-realized/‘No-Minded’ pure ones discern, discriminate and) choose aright but not so the fools (– the godless-lawless, artificial-mortal nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self dominated, selfish-hearted, envious-natured, malignant-tempered, herd-minded impure fools). Zarathushtra,Gatha 30.3
Give me, O Lord, Kshathram (sacred power of self-control and dominion) over my (uncontrollable, demoniac-natured mortal nafs/aham/ego/) Beast Self.  (Help me, O Lord) conquer the lower(unrestrainable, pagan-mortal aham/ego/Beast) self (within methrough the sacred power of self-discipline activated by my divine-natured, original-innate immortal Atman/‘Noble Self’/Bodhicitta/ Noor-i-Ruhani/ Holy Spirit-realized/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being). Zarathushtra, Avesta
That thou shouldst (mindfully think, deliberate and) carefully consider(vigilantly choose and fearlessly decide) between the Good (– the pure-original-inborn Atman/ ‘Noble Self’/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/‘No-Mind’-graced world-life promoting Forces of Light-Life-Love) and the Bad (– the impure-artificial-acquired lower nafs/aham/ego/‘Beast Self’-cursed world-life destructing Forces of Darkness-Disease-Death). Zarathushtra, Avesta, Gatha 9.15
Man as he now is (– immersed in his godless-lawless, mortal ego/beast-self dominated, illusions-immersed, self-enslaving, mortality-bound, impure-discriminatory mind-states generating conditions-of-becoming)has ceased to be the All (– his self-empowering, immortality-endowing original-inborn eternal Higher Self/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being). But when he ceases to be an individual (– by shedding his artificial-pagan mortal ego/beast-self dominated condition with its deluded-senses and illusory mind-states conjured thoughts/ideas of an individuated-distinct ego/mind/being/self as thinker-seer-knower-willer-doer-experiencer),he raises himself again (…and actualizes his potent, incisive, reality-anchored original-innate unborn-undying Higher Self/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being) and penetrates (and illuminates) the whole world. Plotinus
No (mortal ego-enslaved) man remains what he was when he recognizes himself (– his original-inborn immortal Higher Self …at-one-with the Divine). Thomas Mann
What you are (– as the godless-lawless artificial-transient nafs/aham/ego/beast-self dominated, self-deluded, mortality-bound mind-states conjuring, herd-bonded one …extant in the empirical realm of illusion) must always displease you, if you would attain to that which you are not (– the godly-lawful original-inborn-eternal Holy Spirit/Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani-awakened, immortality-endowed, contrarian-natured one …eternally abiding in-essence in the Ontological Sphere of Reality – the God Dimension). Saint Augustine
He who penetrates into himself (– his formidable godless-lawless mortal ego-self), and so transcends himself (– this transient ego-being),(discovers his godly-lawful eternal Higher Self and) ascends truly to God. Albert Camus
The unreal (-manifest-dependent, finite-transient Temporal Realm of mutating matter and artificial-acquired mortal nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self-aroused, outward-focused, illusions-immersed, deluded mind-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming therein extant) has no permanent existence/reality, whereas the real (-unmanifest-independent, infinite-immutable Transcendent Sphere of Spirit) exists forever without change; so conclude those (original-innate unborn-undying Atman Self/ Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-realized wise ones) who having studied the nature of both and seen the boundary between these two (— the lower, mortality-bound, impure-discriminating ‘mind-states’ conjured conditions-of-becoming …and the higher, immortality-endowed, pure, non-discriminating ‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being —) have attained the end of all knowledge (/Brahmangyan). Realize (and actualize within thyself) that (ineffable, unknowable thing) which pervades the universe and is indestructible; no power (above or below the sun) can affect this unchanging, imperishable reality (of the original-inborn immutable Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Ruh-e-Ilahi/Holy Ghost-graced one…ever abiding in-unity-with the God/Paramatman/ Brahman/ Allah/Ahura  …even when actively engaged in the corrupt realm of mutating matter). Lord Krishna, Gita 2.16-17
The (divine-spirited, altruistic-hearted, contrarian-natured, original-inborn eternal Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/‘No-Mind’-attained) wise man who has known the (irrefutable) truth about the (self-illumined, reality-anchored, original-innate unborn-undying Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/Atman) Self (…temporarily embodied semi-dormant within his corporeal being in the finite-transient temporal realm of matter — the empirical dimension …even while permanently abiding in-essence in the real-unmanifest-independent, Infinite-Eternal Sphere of Spirit — the Ontological Dimension …self-detachedly and  unconcernedly/‘no-mindedly’) plays the game of life, and there is no similarity between his (godly-lawful, reality-anchored, contrarian-natured, original-inborn-higher immortal Atman Self /Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/‘No-Mind’-awakened) way of living, and the (godless-lawless mortal aham/ego/beast-self-dominated, illusions-immersed, selfish-natured, impure mind-states conjuring) deluded who live in the (the illusory, finite-transient, temporal) world (– the duality-riddled realm of corrupt-mutating matter, fickle-ignorant nafs/ahams/egos/beast-selves and their mortality-bound, impure-discriminating mind-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming –) as mere beasts of burden. Ashtavakra Gita
A wise old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves raging inside us all. One is Evil (Ego/Beast-Self). It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and (opportunistic, selfish-hearted, forked-tongue deceit – a symptom of the godless-lawless lower) ego (/beast-self dominated, herd-minded unawakened beings). The other is Good (-Self). It is (altruistic-hearted and full of)joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy (-care-concern for ‘the other’ and the less-privileged) and (fearless, direct in-your-face, straight-forward) truth (-speaking in the presence of an unjust authority – a virtue of the godly-lawful Good Self-awakened, altruistic-hearted, contrarian-minded enlightened ones).” The boy thought about it, and asked, Grandfather which wolf wins?” The wizened old man quietly replied, The one you (have devoted your whole life to cultivating the most – whether the godless-lawless Evil Ego through the decadent pursuit of power, wealth, fame, success, social status and other forms of ego-massaging gross hedonism-materialism …or the godly-lawful Good Self through the sublime quest for higher knowledge and truth consecrated to the awakening of all sentient beings and the dawn of world peace. All depending — in the final reckoning — on which of the Two Wolves you so devotedly spend your life and diligently nurture and) feed. Cherokee IndianTribal Wisdom
I am unborn, and in the manner in which I am unborn (– as the timeless-formless, original-innate unborn-undying Atman Self/Bodhicitta/Ruh-e-Ilahi/Holy Ghost/‘No-Minded’ one beholden to the Transcendent Sphere of Spirit – the Ontological Dimension) I can never die. In my unborn manner (…permanently abiding in-essence in the real-unmanifest-independent, immutable- infinite Transcendent Sphere) I have been eternally, and am now, and shall eternally remain (without change). What I am in the order of having been born (– temporarily embodied in the human body as a limited-partial, artificial-pagan mortal nafs/aham/ego/beast-self  …provisionally dwelling in the unreal-manifest-dependent, transient-mutating relative realm of matter — the Empirical Dimension), that will (constantly change-decay-) die and perish, for it is mortal, and so it must in time suffer corruption (– and decomposition in-accord-with the principles reigning in the realm of nature to which all created beings/things are beholden). Meister Eckhart, Christian Mystic
Awareness, though essentially one (in its self-nature — the real-unmanifest-independent, unchanging-unalloyed-undifferentiated-unconditioned pure energic-state),  is known as conditioned (– when immersed in the mutating-alloyed-differentiated-conditioned impure states-of-becoming in the finite-transient realm of matter and form wherein artificial-pagan lower nafs/aham/ego/beast-self-conditioned, self-deluded, self-debilitating, duality-enslaved, mortality-bound, illusory mind-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming dominate –) or unconditioned (– when absorbed in the original-inborn non-dual Atman Self/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakened/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being). That (exalted ‘No-Mind’-centred pure) awareness (of the original-inborn, infinite-holistic immortal Atman Self/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakened one).  which is free of the (artificial-finite-partial mortal nafs/aham/) ego (/beast-self-deluded) – sense of I am,” is the unconditioned (-unchanging-unalloyed-undifferentiated, original-innate unborn-undying Atman Self/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakened/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being …ever abiding in-essence in the boundless-formless Eternal Sphere of Spirit …beyond all ‘this worldly’ constraints and conditionings). Narayana Guru
If there is one doctrine more than another which is characteristic of Hindu thought, it is the belief that there is an interior depth to the human soul (– the divine-natured, reality-anchored, contrarian-spirited original-innate immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being –), which in its essence(…being rooted in the real-unmanifest-dependent, Infinite-Eternal Transcendent Sphere of Spirit — the Ontological Dimension — a state prior to and Source of the illusory-finite world of manifestation infested by artificial-pagan transient nafs/aham/ego/ beast-self dominated ones — the Empirical Dimension) is uncreated (/unborn),deathless (/undying) and real (-unmanifest-independent-eternal). This spirit (– the self-illuminating, self-empowering, divine-natured, altruistic-minded, contrarian-tempered, original-inborn immortal Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/‘No-Minded’ soul …permanently abiding in-essence in the Ontological Sphere of Spirit — though temporarily embodied) in man is (– as the kshetrajanan — indweller, quite distinct from and) different to the individual ego (-self also coexistent in man as the demoniac-natured, selfish-spirited, illusion-immersed, impure-natured artificial-atavistic lower nafs/aham/ego/beast-self  — constantly generating a swathe of counterproductive, malignant-natured, self-destructing, mortality-bound mind-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming …in the unreal-manifest-dependent, transient-temporal realm of corrupt matter); it is that (dynamic, self-empowering, divine-spirited, contrarian-natured original-innate unborn-undying Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit/‘No-Mind’ State-of-Being semi-dormant within man) which animates the individual, the vast background of his being, in which all (the Universe) lies. It is the (universal palpable-illumined-vitalist) core of all being, the inner (Life-) thread by being strung on which the (illusory-limited-finite-empirical) world (of mutating matter and ignorant-artificial-pagan lower nafs/aham/ego/beast-selves busy generating a raft of self-enslaving, mortality-bound, illusory mind-states conjuring conditions-of-becoming temporarily) exists (– in a state of perpetual misery … until the day of its final awakening). Dr Radhakrishnan, Philosopher & 1stPresident of Independent  India
(The artificial-profane-lower mortal ego/beast-self immersed unawakened, ordinary) Man’s main task in life (as he roams the realms of illusion on a finite-transient-mutating earth) is to give birth to himself (– to his reality-anchored, contrarian-spirited original-inborn immortal Higher Self … eternally abiding in-essence in the Infinite-Transcendent Sphere of Spirit …before he sheds his mortal-coil at the Great Parting-of-Ways and permanently departs from samsara — the finite-transient temporal realm of matter wherein the immiserated pagan mortal ego/beast-selves reign). Erich Fromm,Iconic Psychologist
The (ultimate) source and (primeval) ground of everything that has become, and that is even now in a constant state of becoming (and that which is yet-to-become in the temporal realm of manifestation), is that(eternal-unmanifest-independent) place (in the Sphere of Spirit/Noumena/Dharmadhatu/Tao) where there is no time and where nothing (explicit-manifest) ever happened (…and you were never born).Nothing and Something cannot be separated because they are simply two sides of the same coin. That’s the meaning of (the Ultimate State of)non-duality (— beyond the unmanifest-and-manifest, real-and-false, liberation-and-bondage, nirvana-and-samsara — as attained by the holistic-unified Atman Self/Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit-awakened wise one …in-connect-with the Divine) and that (— in the final analysis —) is what enlightenment is. Andrew Cohen
Having this (unique-exalted) knowledge (of the inborn Imperishable Atman Self/ Buddha-nature/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Spirit …in-union-with the Divine), having become calm, subdued, quiet, patiently enduring and collected, one sees the (lower nafs/aham/ego/beast-) self in the (higher Atman/Noble Self/Bodhicitta/Noor-i-Ruhani/Holy Ghost-awakened)Self (and attains the heavenly abode). Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad
Every man must (fearlessly) decide (through his own independent and free thinking) whether he will walk in the (Higher Self-revealed) light of creative altruism or in the (Lower Self-imposed) darkness of destructive selfishness. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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